In addition to theoretical integration, the coordination of the spatial methods used in the different disciplines involved constitutes a priority for the CRC. In order to synchronise and bring together different methodologies of investigating space within and across disciplines, the CRC has established a unique Method-Lab.

The Method-Lab fulfils three functions, each addressing a particular interface:

  • Methods training for the doctoral students with connection to the MGK
  • Fostering methodological debates as a cross-cutting issue between the subprojects
  • Contributing to public events of the SFB


As head of the Method-Lab, I (Séverin Marguin) organise methods courses for the doctoral students and conduct consultations and internal workshops in the Method-Lab. I create digital and analogue collective infrastructures of research at the SFB (library, e-library, shared data repository, data display) to promote knowledge transfer between CRC members. I organise conferences and workshops to bring external expertise to the CRC on specific methodological topics.


  • Data sessions: Discussion of interview guidelines; interview evaluations; photo analysis; mental map analysis; etc. (ongoing since 2018)
  • Conference “Mapping as Joint Spatial Display” from 29-30.11.2018 at the House of Cultures and the World and at the SFB (together with Dagmar Pelger and Jörg Stollmann).
  • Conference “Positionality Reloaded. Dimensions of Reflexivity in the Relationship of Science and Society” (together with Tim Flink, Julianne Haus, Anna Julianne Heinrich, Antje Kahl, Cornelia Schendzielorz and Ajit Singh), SFB 1265 TU Berlin, HU Berlin, FU Berlin, WZB Berlin, funded by BUA (cancelled due to the Corona pandemic)
  • Online conference “Video Space Methods” from 04-05.06.2020 at the CRC (together with René Tuma)
  • Refiguring Spaces” series at the House of World Cultures Berlin as an interface between university research and the public, 2018-2020 (together with Janin Walter)




Direction: Dr. Séverine Marguin
Former Research Associate: Claudia Mock
Student Assistants: Luisa Paul, Emil Widmer
Former Student Assistant: Ines Gartlinger