Tandem Cooperation

An important format to ensure the integration of the collaborative research are our annually changing, interdisciplinary theory tandems consisting of two principal investigators/ project leaders. Together with the coordinators of the CRC they are responsible for integrating approaches and results from individual projects and cross-sectional groups by organising annual meetings and plenary assemblies. Each theory tandem will focus on one important theoretical desideratum of the CRC agenda during their term of office, organising joint theory building along the lines of the annual meeting’s theme.

Nina Baur and Angela Million form the first theory tandem in 2018/2019 (cross-cultural comparison), the next tandem (polycontexturalisation) will include Jörg Stollmann and Gunter Weidenhaus in 2019, the third tandem (translocalisation) consists of Hubert Knoblauch and Martina Löw. To conclude the funding period a fourth theory tandem will elaborate a proposal for a theory of re-figuration.