The module integrated research training group (MGK) provides a framework and learning environment to support doctoral students from the CRC’s projects and establish productive networks to advance the completion of their doctoral degree. Top priority is given to encouraging early-career researchers to look further than the specific approaches required for their individual projects and keep in view the overarching research perspective of the CRC, which in turn serves as inspiring resource and driving force for their own work.

MGK thus addresses challenges for young scientists the research on space poses, which include the development and/or refinement of theoretical concepts and suitable empirical methodologies, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration and communication between the engineering and social sciences.

Providing structured yet flexible support as a training and qualification scheme, the MGK takes into account the specific demands and interests of PhD candidates. In addition to individual counselling of doctoral students by an interdisciplinary team of supervisors, the research training group offers a shared workspace for all participants engaged in qualification activities. International visiting scholars, opportunities for short-term studies/stays abroad in partner institutions and the Visiting Fellow Programme will help to establish research networks on a national and international level.

In addition to doctoral candidates working as research associates within individual projects of the CRC, the MGK is open to (a maximum of 9) PhD students from CRC partner institutions, if their doctoral thesis is topically related to the re-figuration of spaces.

The integrated research training group is headed by Prof. Dr. Martina Löw and Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, and supported by Dr. Nina Elsemann, academic coordinator of the CRC in charge of the programme’s organisation.

Research training group representatives: Jona Schwerer & Volkan Sayman