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Dear colleagues and
friends of the CRC 1265,

We’ve had a very busy and productive winter semester, with many of our project teams embarking on their first fieldwork trips. We are now looking forward to what promises to be an equally eventful summer term! We’re in particular excited about the range of workshops and talks that we have coming up. And we’re eagerly awaiting a number of new visiting scholars! While our first theory tandem is still hard at work publishing its results, the summer semester will also see the start of the second theory tandem on conflicts, led by Hubert Knoblauch and Barbara Pfetsch.

Over the last few months, we have also finalized work on “What Is Space Today” – a magazine that profiles the CRC 1265 and all its subprojects with an engaging mix of short texts, interviews and field reports. You can browse through the magazine here.

All the latest information can also be found on our homepage and our Twitter-Page as well as our newly launched Mastodon account.

We hope you enjoy reading!

The CRC 1265 Central Management Office

Upcoming Events

April 2023

CRC 1265 Retreat

Our first CRC retreat of the second phase will take place at the (hopefully) sunny grounds of Schloss Neuhardenberg. The retreat is intended to provide an opportunity for internal exchange across all subprojects and to coordinate our research program. There will also be plenty of opportunities for team building and informal get-togethers. We look forward to the exchange!
April 2023

“Spatial marginality and practices for a spatial re-organization in Thiaroye sur Mer (Dakar, Senegal) - Chronicle of a spatial suffocation”

— Brown Bag Lecture —

by Meïssa Birima Fall (IFAN Dakar) & Elettra Griesi (FU Berlin)
April 28th 2023, 12:30 pm, TU Berlin BH-N 230

CRC 1265 guest researcher Meïssa Birima Fall and associated PhD student Elettra Griesi will speak about the spatial exclusion of the indigenous Lebou population in a village in the city of Dakar, Senegal, as well as practices of re-organisation. The lecture will be followed by an internal networking meeting of researchers working on Senegal under the title “Regards croisés sur la production de l’espace à Dakar”.
summer term

Spacetime Matters – Drawing (out) spacetimes: Methodological reflections on mapping and drawing in socio-spatial research

— Online Lecture Series —

In a world undergoing profound transformation, there is an urgent need to look at processes of change from a spatial perspective and to reconsider space and time together in new ways. This curated talk series invites international spatial scholars to discuss the potentials of mapping protocols to empirically grasp multiple spatialities and temporalities. The lecture series is hosted by the CRC 1265’s Hybrid Mapping Working Group and is organized by Séverine Marguin and Jamie-Scott Baxter.
May 2023

“Quality of Space: Different Meanings, Conflicts and Solidarity”

— Workshop — TU Berlin BH-N 230

Spaces have qualities. They unfold meanings about which we can argue, but which also generate solidarity. In this workshop, jointly organized by the CRC 1265 Berlin and DISSE/Sapienza Roma, we will discuss the social consequences of different spatial qualities under conditions of refiguration. The workshop is planned as an in-person event and is open to all interested. For more information and the program, click here.
June 2023

“Konflikte im Raum – Raumkonflikte. Perspektiven der Forschung

— Workshop — TU Berlin BH-N 230 (workshop language: German)

For a long time, globalization was seen as an unstoppable development, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought us to a long overdue awareness of the limits of spaces, resources, and social orders. These limits are associated with conflicts, which, according to our thesis, manifest themselves as conflicts in as well as over spaces. With this workshop, we want to discuss the theses of the CRC with researchers from other project contexts and thereby learn about their ideas on conflicts in and about spaces.
July 2023

“Media, Urban Space and Cultural Production”,

— Workshop — TU Berlin BH-N 230

How do people live in cities in a post-pandemic environment of increasing social inequalities? How does the crisis of space affect the urban creative economy workforce? How are difficulties addressed, alleviated or embellished by popular media formats? And does social media provide spaces of connection for dispersed urban populations, or does it contribute to further fragmentation? As part of a long-term collaboration between Angela McRobbie (Loughborough London) and Martina Löw (TU Berlin), the workshop will focus on recent research strands on cultural production, media and urban space, including creative and inventive methodologies.
October 2023

Save the date: “Spatial Figures in the Anthropocene”

— International Symposium —

The CRC’s 5th international conference will explore how the concept and reality of the Anthropocene are challenging established spatial figures, as a plurality of actors grapples with, act upon and re-imagine contemporary spatial practices and formations. Bringing toether leading scholars from the fields of anthropology, sociology, architecture theory, science and technology studies, urban studies, and human geography, the event aims to facilitate a vital interdisciplinary conversation about contemporary transformations across the globe. Confirmed guest speakers include Gaston Gordillo, Chris Kelty, Alexandra Arènes, Jennifer Gabrys, Marcela Suarez, AbdouMaliq Simone and Susanne Hausner.
October 2023

Collaboration with Research Training Group Practicing Place

— Workshop —
Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Catholic University

At the invitation of the Research Training Group “Practicing Place” (Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), CRC 1265 PhD students will co-organize a joint workshop. With roundtable discussions, panels, and a keynote speech by a representative of each group, the workshop aims to discuss differences in the respective approaches to the study of place and space. Martina Löw will provide input on behalf of the CRC 1265.


Magazine “What Is Space Today”

Almost everything that affects humanity today has a spatial dimension. Whether it is cities bracing themselves against global warming, governments regulating the Internet, or queer people demonstrating for their rights. The research of the CRC 1265 gives this spatial dimension of human life its rightful importance. Over the past few months, the CRC has been collaborating with journalist Brenda Strohmaier, and the fruits of these labors are now published in the shape of the magazine “What Is Space Today”. The magazine explains the center’s main premises around the “refiguration of space”, presents the diverse subprojects of the CRC and offers a glimpse into its inner workings – covering, among many other things, what spatial theory has to do with Pokémon Go players in Tokyo, Senegalese TV series, or lunchtime in Singapore! Download the magazine here.

Communicator-Award 2023

Principal Investigator of subproject C01 “Borders of the World” Steffen Mau has been awarded the Communicator-Award 2023 by the DFG (German Research Foundation) and the Stifterverband for his bold communication approach and the impressive variety of formats with which he brings his expertise to public debates. The award ceremony will take place at the DFG Annual Meeting in Saarbrücken on June 26th 2023.

Congratulations to Steffen Mau!

New Journalist in Residence

In June 2023, Céline Lauer will join the CRC as part of our new “Journalist in Residence” program, through which we invite journalists to spend time at the CRC in order to enhance dialog with a non-scientific audience and to gain an outside perspective on our research network. Céline Lauer has worked as a journalist for WELT and WELT am Sonntag for more than a decade, writing on socio-urban issues and rural development.

Guests at the CRC

We are happy to welcome the following visiting scholars:

Meïssa Birima Fall (Cheikh Anta Diop University), April 2023

Jamie Hakim (King’s College London), Mai - June 2023

Tanja Bosh (University of Capetown), June 2023

Todd Henry (University of California, San Diego), June - July 2023

Diógenes Lycarião (Universidade Federal do Ceará), July 2023

We are also very happy to continue to host Paula Medina García (Complutense University of Madrid/ January 2022 - December 2023) and Simone Lafontaine (October 2023 - September 2024).


Over the last few months, several more publications containing CRC research have been released! A comprehensive overview of all publications can be found on our homepage.

New CRC 1265 Working Papers:

WP 11: Gating and Gatedness: Interpreting the Procedural Refiguration of an Enclosed Residential Compound in Guangzhou

by Gao, X., Million, A. & Wang, R. .

WP10: Ecology and Space. A socio-spatial investigation on the development of startups.

by Datchary, C. & Marguin, S. .

Transcript Series Vol. 6:
Digitale Stadtplanung. Alltag und Räume technisierten Planens

by Martin Schinagl.

Translocal networked public spheres: Spatial arrangements of metropolitan Twitter

Waldherr, A., Stoltenberg, D., Maier, D., Keinert, A., & Pfetsch, B. (2023), New Media & Society.

Routledge Series
Considering Space - A Critical Concept for the Social Sciences

Edited by Dominik Bartmanski, Henning Füller, Johanna Hoerning, Gunter Weidenhaus

Routledge Series
The Evolving Spatial Knowledge of Children and Young People.

Edited by Ignacio Castillo Ulloa, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Angela Million, Jona Schwerer

Digitalisation in everyday urban planning activities: Consequences for embodied practices, spatial knowledge, planning processes, and workplaces.

Christmann, G., & Schinagl, M. (2023), Journal of Urban Management.

What Makes It a Home? A Conversation on Syrian Refugees, Neighbourhoods and the Right To Be a Host in Istanbul and Berlin.

Alkan, H., & Steigemann, A. (2023), in: T. İnal-Çekiç, & U.E. Woźniak (Eds.), We, the City: Plurality and Resistance in Berlin and Istanbul, Berlin, Boston: JOVIS Verlag.

Border regions across the globe: Analyzing border typologies, economic and political disparities, and development dynamics.

Taubenböck, H., Otto, C., Gülzau, F., & Mau, S. (2023), Applied Geography.

Searching for a Middle Class in Nairobi and Berlin.

Weidenhaus, G., & Korte, E. (2022), in: A. Crimson, M. Guizardi, & S. Merenson (Eds.) Middle Class Identities and Social Crisis. Cultural and Political Perspectives on the ‘Global Rebellion’. London: Routledge.


CRC 1265 video series “Multiple Spatialities”

Over the past months, Janin Walter, artistic collaborator in the Ö subproject “Spatial Migration and Tourism”, has been busy interviewing several of the CRC’s researchers. From these interviews, she has created artistic interface videos to spotlight both the thematic breadth of the CRC 1265 as well as the interconnections between its various subprojects. In total, eight interface videos will be produced over the course of this funding period, the first of which has now been released: The video entitled “Multiple Spatialities 1: Queere und postkoloniale Räume” portrays the subprojects A05 “Being Home: Living Spaces and Self-Images of the Kenyan Middle Class” and B03 “Smart People: Queer Everyday Life in Digitalized Spaces”.

Multimedia retrospective of the workshop “Visualizing Narrative Spaces” (November 22nd 2022) – held by artist Simone Rueß

In a blog and video retrospective, artist Simone Rueß (www.urbik.org) and Claudia Mock (CRC Methods-Lab) reflect on the experimental hybrid workshop Visualizing Narrative Spaces, which took place at the CRC in November 2022. Participants were encouraged to experiment with visual abstractions of their research projects and to connect the results to create joint hybrid visualizations. The results of this ‘collective action’ are shown in the blogpost linked above.

Media from the CRC 1265’s 4th International Conference “My City is a Battleground – Intersectionality and Urban Violence” (October 20th-21st 2022)”
Filmed keynotes and panel discussions of our 4th International Conference, entitled “My City is a Battleground”, continue to be added to our Youtube channel. The conference’s theme followed up on the CRC’s interest in socio-spatial conflicts, looking at intersectional tensions that accompany processes of spatial refiguration with a particular focus on different experiences of violence in the city. To read more about the range of topics covered and to see some impressions from the conference.

New contributions on the CRC 1265 blog

Our latest special focus series “Intersectionality and Space” has come to an end, with a total of 7 blogposts! The series covered topics ranging from real estate advertisements in Cairo to the gendered boundaries of Harems, from Afro-descendant women’s experiences of mobility in Colombia to counterpublic spaces in Berlin. Click here for an overview of all the posts.

Our latest regular blogposts include:
Love in the Postcolonial Age. CRC 1265 researchers Séverine Marguin and Daddy Dibinga Kalamba in conversation with Brenda Strohmaier

Migration als Menschenrecht? – Ein Feldbericht aus drei Mercosur-Staaten in Südamerika. C01 Researchers Dorothea Biaback Anong and Zoé Perko are giving glimpses into their work from South America.

Between Reclamation and Desolation: The Spatiality of Climate Activism in Lützerath and Keyenberg. Zozan Baran and Daniela Stoltenberg from B05 reflect on their fieldtrip in September 2022 before Lützerath got demolished in January.


Our CRC podcast “Space Oddity” presents insights into our research projects, as well as lectures and conversations with visiting scholars. Here are the latest episodes:

Space Oddity #13 “Vertraute Lebenswelten der Wissenschaftsskepsis” – Michaela Pfadenhauer (recorded January 31st 2023)
This episode features a CRC lecture given by Visiting Fellow Michaela Pfadenhauer (University of Vienna), in which she presents first results of her Vienna-based study on science skepticism in the wake the Corona protests and vaccine refusal. The talk was followed by comments provided by CRC 1265 PIs Barbara Pfetsch and Steffen Mau.

Space Oddity #12 – 5G Walk through Berlin
This episode takes listeners on a discovery tour through Berlin, revealing traces of the (in)visible digital infrastructure that powers the next generation of mobile networks: 5G. The walk was organized in collaboration with the Critical Infrastructure Lab from the University of Amsterdam.


In January of this year, the CRC 1265 launched its Mastodon account. Find us on @sfb1265@mstdn.social.


Our Instagram page offers glimpses into our various research activities and events.
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