Visiting Scholars

The CRC invites visiting scholars and academic experts from Germany and abroad on a regular basis to promote scientific exchange and international networking. In addition to informal talks and discussions they will hold workshops on selected topics relevant for the CRC.

Angela McRobbie

Goldsmith College London

  • Permanent Fellow of the CRC 1265

  • 15.02.2020 - 31.12.2021

César Henriques Matos e Silva

Universidade Federal de Sergipe

  • February - April 2020

Gillian Rose

University of Oxford

  • 14.4. - 24.04.2020

Marie-Pierre Lefeuvre

Université de Tours

Robertha Georgya de Barros e Silva

Universidade Federal de Sergipe

  • November 2019 - October 2020

Jean Hillier

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Letteria G. Fassari

Sapienza – Università di Roma

  • October 2019 – March 2020

Christian Heath

King's College London

Hans Asenbaum

Fernuniversität Hagen

Shamin Golrokh

University of Tehran

  • 22.06 - 19.09.2019

Fraya Frehse

Universidade de São Paulo

Anneke Treffers

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • 01.04. – 15.07.2019

Carlo Genova

University of Turin

  • May 2019

Edgar Pieterse

University of Cape Town

Christine A. Leuenberger

Cornell University