The research centre CRC 1265 collaborates with many universities in Germany and abroad, and with numerous scientific institutions involved in urban studies and the analysis of space. Individual projects maintain a close collaborations network with research institutions in the countries under study:

  • Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS) (TP A 01)
  • Department of Geography, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Chile (A 02)
  • Institut Francais du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) (A 04)
  • Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies (A 05)
  • Institute for Urban Humanities der University of Seoul (B 03)
  • Faculty of Humanities and SociaI Sciences der Jissen Women’s University, Tokyo (B 04)
  • Department of Communication and Journalism der Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B 05)