The Re-Figuration of Spaces — Working Paper Nr. 2


Löw, M., & Knoblauch, H.

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TU Berlin
  • Quotation (APA style):

    • Löw, M., & Knoblauch, H. (2019). The Re-Figuration of Spaces — Working Paper Nr. 2.

The Re-Figuration of Spaces. Introducing the Research Programme of the Collaborative Research Centre „Re-Figuration of Spaces“

The Working Paper outlines the guiding ideas, the basic methodology and the practical and organizational implementation of the Collaborative Research Centre 1265 “Re-Figuration of Spaces” (abbr.: CRC). The CRC 1265, established by the DFG in 2018, is characterized by an unique constellation in Berlin: The concurrence of spatial theory and communicative constructivism as well as an intense cooperation between sociology, geography, architecture, media and communication studies, art and planning. This constellation promises, firstly, the development of innovative spatial science methods and, secondly, the development of a transdisciplinary spatial research facilitated by the CRC. In addition to the methodological and practical surplus value, this integrated spatial science research also aims to offer a general model of societal development.