Simone Rueß

Associate Member


  • 2024

    Przestrzeń działań społecznych, workshop as part of the exhibition Antroprocen, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice

  • 2023

    ‚Daily Routes (Nowa Huta)‘, artistic research project as part of „Archeology of Everyday Life - New Topographies“, Teatr Łaźnia Nowa – Dom Utopii, Kraków, in the course of this: cooperation and data sessions with the Hybrid Mapping Group, Methods-Lab, CRC 1265 „Re-Figuration of Spaces“
    NEUSTARTplus grant, Stiftung Kunstfonds

  • 2022

    ‚Visualizing Narrative Spaces‘, interdisciplinary workshop at the Methods-Lab, CRC 1265 „Re-Figuration of Spaces“, TU Berlin

  • 2021

    teaching assignment, interdisciplinary seminar „Social Space of Action - analogue/digital“, modul „Space“, Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

  • 2020

    teaching assignment, basics in artistic design, Faculty for Design and Art - Industrial Design, University of Wuppertal

  • 2019 - 2022

    „space/biography with fragile memory“, 4-year artistic research project with people suffering from dementia-related changes, collaboration with Ernst-Berendt-Haus, Stephanus-Stiftung in Berlin-Weißensee, Freilichtbühne Weißensee and Z.E.A. - associazione alzhalarte, Milan

  • 2019 - 2021

    de-re-konstrukt, Collaboration with Krzysztof Franaszek, the german-polish relation along the route Berlin - Warsaw

  • 2018 - 2019

    Research associate at the department ‚Sculpture and Artistic Spatial Concepts‘, Institute for art and pedagogy, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main

  • 2018

    Residency at BASE Milano as part of „999 questions on contemporary living“, La Triennale di Milano, Milan

  • 2016 - 2017

    Fellowship Schloss Solitude Academy: ‚Space/Biography’ - artistic research project on mental images of space, setting up a 6-week space/biography LAB

  • 2014 - 2016

    Scholarship pro arte ulmer kunststiftung, Ulm

  • 2013

    Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

  • 2008 - 2012

    4-year research stay in Warsaw, supported by: Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn (2012),
    postgraduate scholarship of Federal state of Baden-Württemberg (2009 – 2011), DAAD - DAAD postgraduate scholarship in the studio ‚Audiovisual Space‘ (Prof Grzegorz Kowalski), Akademy of Fine Arts, Warsaw (2008/09)

  • 2002 - 2008

    Studies in fine arts, department of Fine Arts, State Akademy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart

Research Focus

    • Urban structures (Movement Spaces, Cityscapes)

    • Living and home-making (INhabit)

    • Biographical narratives (Space/Biography)

    • Fragile Remembering (Space/Biography with Fragile Memory)


  • Articles and Papers

  • Contributions in books, art books & magazines (Selection)

    • ◦ Rueß, Simone 2023): ‚de-re-konstrukt – „Lass und von vorne beginnen…“, in: Demandt, Simone; Lorenc, Kasia; Ottnad, Clemens (Hg.), Harte Zeiten – Ciężkie Czasy. Ausstellungs- und Projektdokumentation. Eine Kooperation des Künstlerbunds Baden-Württemberg, PORT25 Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim und Galeria Miejska BWA w Bydgoszczy (Hrsg.), Berlin: DCV Verlag, pp. 98-107

    • Guzik-Podlewska, Olga; Le Guern -Smoczynska, Agata (2021), Katalog wystaw w Galerii Le Guern 2014-2019, Warsaw: Le Guern Gallery, pp. 32, 69-71

    • Hocke, Eva; Gassner, Oliver; Schleher, Larissa; Sieber, Volker; Soppa, Chris Inken, Wieland, Hanspeter; Zubler, Niels (2020), Der Fremde Blick, Mauerläufer 2020, Literary Yearbook. pp. 76 -111

    • Murawski, Michał (2019), A Palace Complex: A Stalinist Skyscraper, Capitalist Warsaw and a City Transfixed, Indiana: Indiana University Press, pp. 105-107

    • Murawski, Michał (2015), Kompleks Pałacu. Życie społeczne stalinowskiego wieżowca w kapitalistycznej Warszawie, Warsaw: Muzeum Warszawy

    • Hocke, Eva; Gassner, Oliver; Schleher, Larissa; Sieber, Volker; Wieland, Hanspeter; Zubler, Niels (2015), Ordnungunordnung, Mauerläufer 2015, Literary Yearbook. pp. 53, 62, 65

    • Gendera, Marta (2014), Park Tysiąclecia, Millenium Park. Próby, szkice nowej przestrzeni publicznej, Zielona Góra: Fundacja Salony, pp. 166-173

  • Oeuvre Catalogue (Selection)

    • 2022 “How geopolitical caesuras are written down in biographical narratives…“,

    • 2018 space/biography, Edition Solitude, Projektiv Series, Schloss Solitude Academy, Stuttgart

    • 2015 Raum Natur, Kunstverein Hechingen

    • 2015 Ravensburg,

    • 2013 appartement, exhibition catalogue (

    • 2012 Movement Space, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw

    • 2010 Kręgosłup,, Warsaw

  • Keynotes

    • 2024 Spacetime matters Serie ‚Drawing (out) spacetimes: Methodological reflections on mapping in sociospatial research‘, Hybrid Mapping Working Group, CRC 1265 ‚Re-figuration of Spaces‘ and Chair of Urban Design (CUD), TU Berlin

    • 2024 „Movement Spaces and Narrative Spaces – artistic methods to explore (urban) spaces”, lecture & workshop at: „Architectural theory and design methodology“, Film & Architecture, RheinMain University, Wiesbaden

    • 2023 ‚Daily Routes (Nowa Huta) – urban structures and narrative spaces‘, Dom Utopii, Kraków
      Drawology: tracing the ether, Drawing Research Network, School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University

    • 2022 Visualizing Narrative Spaces‘, lecture at the Methods-Lab, CRC 1265 „Re-Figuration of Spaces“, TU Berlin

    • 2021 lecture and panel, symposium „Harte Zeiten / Ciężkie Czasy“, BWA Bydgoszcz, Port25 Mannheim and Baden-Württembergischer Künstlerbund

    • 2019 lecture at the Neuropsychology Center, ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda, Milan (Italy)

  • Exhibitions and Performances (Selection)

    • 2022 – 2024 Antropocen – a touring exhibition of the National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism in Warsaw, e.g. ZODIAK – Warsaw Architecture Pavilion (2022), Museum of Architecture in Wrocław (2023), Rondo Sztuki in Katowice (2024)

    • 2023 CityScape Savignyplatz, Monsters & Time Questions, Maksimum Kubik, Berlin
      city/sound/scape as part of ‚Archeology of Everyday Life – New Topographies‘, Teatr Łaźnia Nowa – Dom Utopii, Nowa Huta, Kraków (with Rafał Mazur)

    • 2022 FRAGILE REMEMBERING, Stephanus Stiftung Berlin Weißensee
      K. H. Stauffer (space biography), Short film screening, Freilichtbühne Weißensee, Berlin
      You could be heading away from the endless middle and towards the bottom of the top, Trafostacja; Stettin

    • 2021 de-re-konstrukt, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw (with Krzysztof Franaszek)
      walk-in, performance as part of ‚de-re-konstrukt‘, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw

    • 2020 “Zacznijmy od poczatku, od dwóch skrzydeł”, Galeria JEDNA DRUGA, Stettin (with Aleksandra Kubiak)
      ADAPTACJE, art in public space, Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki, Gorzów Wlkp.
      Meeting at the border, Słubice/Frankfurt (Oder), action, 8.6.2020, with Krzysztof Franaszek (de-re-konstrukt)

    • 2019 Memory of Space (zqm), zwanzigquadratmeter Berlin
      collecting 788 memories, action, 28.2.2019, zqm Berlin
      Meeting in the Warsaw-Berlin-Express, action, 19.12.2019, with Krzysztof Franaszek (de-re-konstrukt)

    • 2018 ‚999 questions on contemporary living‘, La Triennale di Milano, Milan
      INhabit, lorgennale – a home festival, L1danceFest, Budapest
      20 flats in 10 years, part 1&2, live drawing, BASE Milano
      Anonyme Zeichner 2018, Galerie am Körnerpark, Berlin
      Mauerläufer 5, Museum der Unerhörten Dinge, Berlin

    • 2017 Space/Biography 2016/17, Schloss Solitude Academy, Stuttgart
      Rapprochement, Performance-Festival „lorgennale“, Stuttgart, with Frauke Aulbert
      Soziale Strandgüter, Galerie im Kavalierhaus, Langenargen, with Matthias Reinhold
      On Drawing, Lage Egal Raum für Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
      Nowe / Nowo odkryte, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw

    • 2016 Memory of Space, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw
      Annäherung, Galerie Angela Lenz, Feldberg

    • 2015 Fremde Blicke, Ravensburg, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg
      Raum Natur, Kunstverein Hechingen

    • 2013 na fali, Stacja Mercedes, Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw
      Park, BWA Zielona Góra
      appartement, Gallery Interface, Dijon

    • 2012 Movement Space, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw

    • 2011 Kunst-Stoff. Textilien in der Kunst seit 1960, Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe
      Distances, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw
      Wie geht’s dir Stuttgart?, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
      Zeichnung x 5, Kunstverein Reutlingen

    • 2010 Kręgosłup, Galeria STUDIO, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw