Venice Performance – Subproject Migrating Spaces and Tourism II

26. October 2022

In the artistic research project ‘Migrating Spaces and Tourism II: Imagination, Pictorial Space and Contextures of Venice’ artistic research tools are used to investigate how ‘migrating’ images influence the city of Venice but also its replicas. In this context, a performance seminar on tourism in Venice was conducted last semester. The subproject has summarized the results in a video.

Big thanks to the students: Louise Brenner, Laura Lässig, Ervin Muhovic, Md Esfaqur Rahman, Valentin Suhr and Shams Prototyp, the teachers Prof. Stefanie Bürkle, Dipl. Ing. Janin Walter and Dipl. Katrin Wegemann as well as the guest critic Elisa Cucciaro.