Lecture Performance: An Atlas of Spatial Figures

Ignacio Farías, Nikolaus Gansterer & Silke Steets
2. November 2023

An Atlas of Spatial Figures is the title of a forthcoming book edited by urban anthropologist Ignacio Farías (HU Berlin), sociologist Silke Steets (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), and visual artist Nikolaus Gansterer (Vienna) for the CRC 1265. It addresses methodological questions of how current interdisciplinary research can be designed to ‘figure out spaces’ and analyze the contemporary refiguration of spaces. ‘Figuring out spaces’ is an intellectual and artistic practice of exploring, describing, and visualizing spatial figures that shape how we live, work, and dream. It entails moving between (more concrete) topographic and (more abstract) topological figures of space. It combines conceptual work and methodological reflection with storytelling, visualization, and choreographic translations. The book presentation includes a collection of around 45 spatial stories, each drawing on a topographic figure of space as well as sixteen table configurations encompassing drawings, materials, objects and gestures. In this way, four important processes of the refiguration of spaces are illuminated as they are experienced, imagined, and discussed by people, revolving around problems of extimacy, uninhabitability, ferality, and splintering.